Best Celebration Ideas for New Year 2017

New Year is that time of the year when people around the world look forward for a fresh start and celebrate this day with their close relatives and friends. This day marks a new beginning for everyone and people make it a point to celebrate this day to the fullest. Apparently, the best way to celebrate is to throw a party for close friends and family where they can all have a good time and enjoy each other’s company. Planning a party in order to celebrate this day can be very stressful, the fact as to figure out the party theme, decoration, food items and most importantly the guest list is something that requires full attention. In order to save time and energy we present to you some of the Celebration Ideas for Happy New Year 2017 that will help one to have a good time in the company of those who matter the most in their lives. One can choose one of these ideas and have a good New year celebration and welcome the New Year with open arms.

unique new year celebration ideas

Here are some of the Celebration Ideas for New Year 2017

  • Food Fiesta-One way to celebrate New Year is to have a theme of Food Fiesta; this would be a good idea as the host of the party can arrange for different food items from around the world and allow the guests to indulge in a feast and click some memorable New Year Pictures.
  • Costume Party– This can be a standard yet a unique idea to celebrate New Year, the costumes can be decided by the host of the party with certain theme in mind. Such parties can be fun if themes like Black and white or Carnival can be a good way to celebrate New Year.
  • Bring your own booze– This party theme can be a great idea as for the New Years Eve friends and family can gather and have a taste of different alcoholic beverage. This can be even more fun if the guests are made to make the best drink as a competition.
  • Photography Party- One can hire a photographer and have a session where the guests would pose in different ways with props to embrace the spirit of the New Year.

These are some of the Celebration Ideas for New Year 2017, which one can follow in order to have a good party with close friends and family. One can even search for other celebration ideas for New Year 2017.

5 Great Alternative apps to FaceTime

FaceTime is an amazing application when it comes to video as well as audio calling. However, the major limitation that it has is the fact that it is compatible to only Apple devices (although you can run Facetime for PC, but you need some tricks to do that) and therefore, we need to have alternatives for the application which work on other platforms and serve cross platform needs as well.


To help you out, here we present to you a list of alternatives to FaceTime!

  1. Google Hangout: Google Hangout is pretty much the Android version of FaceTime. Initially, Hangout came as a replacement to the Gtalk for Gmail, and now, however, it has turned into the go to place for video calls for many people. It works on desktops, Android phones and MAC as well. We wouldn’t ask for more, isn’t it? Being the replacement to Gtalk, it also serves the purpose of texting and emojis and stickers as well.
  2. Skype: When we talk about Video chat, skypeis probably the Skype, and we all know it for there is no arguing on that. Skype is actually now a word for Video call in itself for the very reason that it all started from here only. Since skype is free when on Wi-Fi and also often has reduced call rates is yet another of the advantage for those making international calls as well. The easy and simple user interface supports the look and feel of the app.
  3. Viber: Viber came out as the text messaging and free calling app. It was only later that given the amount of competition in the market did the makers decided to introduce video calling and now that they did, it did turn out to be an amazing app for sure.
  4. Tango: Tango can be rather called the ideal FaceTime alternative for the fact that it has all the features that you’d need and in addition, it also has this idea of having to create a social network in itself which allows people to have a news feed, a public profile and of course, everything else that one might want to see.
  5. Duo: A relatively new app that it is, Duo is meant simply for video calling someone and it works with having to search up for the contact or number as you please and it’ll show you their names. With a single tap, you can give a call to the person. One interesting feature that it has is the fact that you get to see their face even without picking up the call, which is sorta cute.

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And there we go with our list of alternatives for FaceTime! We are sure this turned out to be as much of a savior for you as it did for us when we compiled the list!

GTA 6 : New Features & VR Support?

Whenever a new technology is out, people start wondering about the technology of the next year and how would it be like. iPhone is one fine example of it as whenever the new iPhone is out, people start thinking about the next one. Gaming world is a lot different from that as whenever a new game is out, people get busy in playing and conquering the flags which no one has done. Well, GTA series is one such game that have been around since nearly twenty years now and h boy, how well it has matured in every aspect of gaming. Rockstar Games launched the GTA 5 in the year 2013 and since then it has been rolling out updates to make it even better to play and the fans have loved it. Well, it is time for an upgrade that would change the whole game. Yes, Rockstar Games finally have developed the GTA VI game and the companymay announce it anytime soon.


GTA 6 Most Exciting Features Overview

Well, let’s have a look at the top 5 features of the GTA 6.

  1. VR Support

GTA is all about game play and to ensure that the users enjoy the game even more; Rockstar Games have made it playable through your VR set. This means that you will be able to play GTA 6 wearing a VR headset, hence adding on to the feel of the game.

  1. Licensed Cars

GTA is all about having fun and Rockstar Games have always made it sure that its fans get the best from their games, which by the way is about to get even better as GTA VI will have licensed cars which means that you will be able to steal and drive real Ferrari’s in the game now.

  1. Female Character

If you were bored to play as a male character in the game, then you will be especially happy to know that the GTA 6 will allow you to choose between two characters to play with. One of these characters is the female characters.

  1. Worldwide maps

Rockstar Games engineers have been roaming around the world capturing the details about the famous places of the world. This has paid off as they have included worldwide map in the next edition of the GTA series. Worldwide maps will also mean that you will be able to go anywhere in the world and can also experience the same sort of thing as that is in the reality.

  1. Release

Rockstar Games have no plans of announcing the game anytime in this year as their game is still under testing. Well, the good news will come next year as they will launch the game in the year, 2017.

How to delete GarageBand from Mac?

GarageBand is a popular music software due to its powerful music creation and editing tools. It is used by most of the musicians for their music productions and is preferred for starters in themusic industry. It had plenty of virtual instruments and their variations stored in the app that works as if they are in real world. GarageBand for PC comes with many effects, loops, and amp to use in the music creations. Users can add multiple tracks up to 255 simultaneously and play them together.

garageband uninstall

Even though GarageBand is used by musicians, many like to use more advanced Digital Music Workstations like Logic Pro X, FL Studio, and other software because of their cutting-edge features and technologies. Many people may not need it anymore, or it came as a default software and need to delete it from their Mac. Even though GarageBand only takes like 3 GB space but the loops that support the application may be large and sometimes they may occupy more than 10 GB which is much Space in a Personal Computer.

How to Delete GarageBand from Mac?

Method 1: Manually

Removing GarageBand from Mac is not such an easy task as Operating System does not provide any direct way to uninstall it. So we need to do it manually from the Mac

Follow the Steps to delete GarageBand mostly from your Mac.

Step 1: Firstly, go to this location in your Mac Macintosh HD/Applications/ this is where you GarageBand application is present which occupies storage of more than 1 GB. Delete the app from the Mac.

Step 2: Now go to another location in your Mac Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/GarageBand here the support files for the GarageBand are present, delete the folder “GarageBand”.

Step 3: Then go to this location in your Mac Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Logic here are some more support files are present which are almost a GB in size, Delete the folder “Logic”.

Step 4: This the last folder you need to remove Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Apple Loops this app may vary the size, delete the folder “Apple Loops.”

*NOTE: If you are using Logic Pro X do not delete this folder.

If you have done all the steps above, then you have successfully deleted GarageBand from your Mac.

Method 2: Third-party App

You can use third-party apps also to remove the GarageBand application from your Mac. To uninstall using third-party apps follow these steps.

Step 1: Download App Cleanerapplication from this website, Click Here.

Step 2: Install the app on your Mac.

Step 3: Open the app and drag GarageBand and drop on the App Cleaner.

Step 4: Select all the files and folders it shows and click “Delete.”

Step 5: Restart your system and checkwhether GarageBand is removed or not.

These are the two possible options by which you can delete GarageBand software from your Mac.

Are the processes useful for you to delete GarageBand from your Mac? If not leave your query in the comment section, we will try to find a solution.

How Do You Set Up a Facetime Account?

FaceTime is a service that is designed by Apple which allows you to receive and place video calls with other FaceTime users. You can make use of it to keep in touch with family members throughout the world. You can set up FaceTime for PC quickly on recent versions of iPhone or iPad and also set it up on your Mac.

facetime account

That way you can communicate easily with your friends and loved ones easily. In this article we will discuss on how do you set up a Facetime account.

We have provided two methods which can help you set up a Facetime account with hassle.

iPad/iPhone Setup

You should open settings and tap the settings icon on your smart phone’s home screen to be able to launch the settings app. Once you have done that, you should tap FaceTime. Perhaps, you will have to scroll down the settings list to find it. Then you should tap the use your Apple ID for FaceTime button.

You can also set the use cellular data option to on when you want to make use of the free FaceTime calls outside a Wi-Fi network. You should enter your Apple ID and password. When you do not have one, then you will need to tap the create new Apple ID option to be able to get one for free.

Now you need to tap sign in. Select the emails you need to link with FaceTime. When you want to set up an iPhone or already set up your iPhone with FaceTime then your phone number will be displayed on the screen. The email address linked to your Apple ID will be highlighted and then you need to select or deselect the available addresses.

Then you should tap next to continue and make use of additional email addresses. Those of you have one Apple ID can also access FaceTime on their devices. They can do that by tapping the add an email link and add the email address. This email address is linked to your Apple ID. It is useful for those of you who share one Apple ID but want to access FaceTime on several devices.

Mac Setup

Setting up Facetime on your Mac is a simple affair. You should click on the apple which is present on the top left of the screen. When you own the 10.7, then you will want to know that FaceTime has been already installed. If FaceTime is not installed, then you will want to open the App store.

As of now, FaceTime costs $0.99. Then open it and enter the Apple ID and password.

Hope you found this article on how do you set up a Facetime account useful.

It is an extremely useful social media tool that can allow you to communicate with your loved and close ones who are all over the world for a very cheap rate.

Kik Vs Tango Vs Viber – Head to Head Comparison

Instant messaging had changed the face of text messaging with regular messaging services provided by carriers. They had introduced many new features which include not only text but photos, audio, video and much more to do in a messaging app. All the features provided are unlimited with no limitations and that too for free of cost. There are tons of instant messaging apps developed, and many are having unique features from one another. Kik, Tango, and Viber are three such services which we are going to compare today.

kik login online


In almost all the instant messaging apps the standard features are texting, photo, video sharing other than this many apps have unique features from one another. Kik had a unique feature that is anonymity users will not be provided with your mobile or email address all they need is your username to send a message. Tango and Viber had Voice over IP (VoIP) service with which users can talk over the internetwithin the app. With Tango, users can call directly to other like standard dialing service and is free for US users.


All the apps are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Viber supports more operating systems like Blackberry, Nokia, Mac OS and Windows making it one of the most flexible messaging app. Tango also supports with PC’s. Overall Kik is more restricted to mobile operating systems only.


Kik is having a simple to use interface without much fuss and simple features. Tango and Viber have some creative and attractive user interfaces. With Tango, users can set their avatars with face masks, stickers, art items and many innovative features like playing games during video calls. In Viber users can set background images send stickers, play games, chat in public conversations and much more to do in the app making the interface more attractive.


Kik is a completely free to use themessaging app with no in-app purchases and do whatever they like to do with no limitations. Tango does not charge to use its basic services like texting, sharing and voice call in the app, but it will charge users to call directly to a mobile number outside the US and sells stickers and packs for its users. Viber too is similar to Tango where it only charges users to buy sticker packs and much more. All the apps have in-app purchase, but they are free to use their standard services without any limitations.


Viber is havingan end to end encryption to all of its text, voice and video service making it one of the best secure among the three apps. Both Tango and Kik does not have an end to end encryption which is becoming common in most of the apps; this makes the apps less secure to current standards.

Here is the comparison of Kik, Tango, and Viber three instant messaging app. What is your favorite messaging app and what do you like about it? Comment using our comment section below.

How Use Dating App Tinder Without Facebook

Here we are going to provide you the easiest guide on how to use Tinder without Facebook. We all know this that Tinder is a famous dating app and if a user wants to be registered, he or she should have Facebook account to do so. But often we don’t want to mix all these up- dating with our social identity. So it’s better to keep it private.

Tinder without Facebook

But the prime factor is can you do it without getting through your Facebook account? Unfortunately, this is not possible when it comes to Tinder download and install as you in order to run this application, you should login or register with your Facebook account.

If the thinking of your Facebook’s good friends regarding online dating does not affect you after that, it is not a huge deal for you. Then go with it, it’s cool. Yet, if you are concerned with the thinking about your Facebook pals after that, you would surely like to know How to use tinder without Facebook. When you login into your tinder account using your original Facebook profile, it affects your privacy as it accesses all your photos, calls and also other details also.

Get a New Facebook Account With limited Friends

As we have pointed out above, the Tinder application needs Facebook for working. If you do not wish to create a fuss with your actual and original account after that, we would recommend you to register a new account. We are not telling you to create a fake ID yet a brand new Facebook account having only several of your information and off course without those friends, I think you got this, right?

As soon as, you create a new Facebook account after that, the “about you” part could possibly be filled by the information which you intend to provide and also are not shy in providing the other person. It could be your actual address, your school, college etc. Your surname would certainly be kept private so, you need not to stress for that. A few of your images could be displayed to make sure that tinder could possibly choose one for you by matching those.

Now, you would have to login with your new Facebook account which you have made. Now, the Tinder application will certainly get linked with your new account and you can restrict the info given by you.

Change the Privacy Settings

There is another option of detaching Tinder app from your Facebook account is by creating new personal privacy settings. For that login to your Facebook account initially and then press the lock icon appearing at the top right.

After pressing the lock symbol, a box having numerous options will open up. Then, press the “more settings” at the end of the list. Then, touch on “APPS”. You’ll see a variety of connected apps. Now, go on the Tinder app and then change the App visibility to “just me”. By doing so, Tinder application would not be able to post in your place. Your buddies can likewise not see that you are using this dating app. Enjoy Tinder privately.

FIFA 2017: a story, real players and much more for the next year

There’s mostly good news for all the ones waiting for EA to launch FIFA 2017. Well, this is quite the rarity as EA Sports has been entwined in controversy regarding unfinished games and rendering. However, coming back to FIFA 17 we must say that EA is doing quite enough to fulfill a fan’s dreams and fantasy.


For the first time in the history of FIFA we are getting a background storyline to the main character. Alex Hunter is a star on the rise that has to overcome several challenges in his personal life and professional life to enter the premier league series. His only dream is the make a mark in the world of international football and make a name for himself. In this journey he has to take several difficult decisions which will affect his career as well as personal life. GTA 6 release will be in 2020.

As we are taken through the turns of Hunter’s life and football journey in the video titled The Journey, we realize the marvelous rendering done by the brainiacs at EA Sports this time. To add a taste of a seamless gameplay FIFA 2017 will use Frostbite. Frostbite is the same engine that has powered Mirror’s edge, Need for Speed and Dragon Age in the past years. The video is a clear testimony of the next to real rendering and preserved authenticity of the characters, features and added elements of the game. From locker rooms to stadium everything will be interactive.

You will be able to control the players with astute expertise. Frostbite is all set to unlock a new world of possibilities for FIFA and the players. From perfect implementation of relevant emotions to execution of real-life inspired shots, Frostbite can immerse you in the reality of premier league football. All characters, their speeches and traits will be based on real players.

Now everyone with a PS 4 and an Xbox 360 can enjoy playing the upcoming flagship game from EA Sports. However these are quite the minimum requirements and if you still choose PC over other consoles you may have to wait an added month before immersing in the FIFA experience. PC players will need a minimum of Windows 7, 64-bit platform to play the game without glitches. Both Intel and AMD CPUs will support the game as long as there is a minimum of 16 GB space left in the hard disk drive.

FIFA has been already spreading the word about James Rodriguez of Real Madrid, Anthony Martial of Man U and Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund helping with the character building process. They have reportedly influenced the innovation of the actions on the pitch.

It has been said that Canada and USA will enjoy the release on 27 September 2016 and rest of the world will see the release of FIFA 2017 on 29 September 2016. All the EA Access and Origin Access members will get an early taste of the game through their official EA accounts. The game will be released with various value packs as the premium gold packs and the standard packs by which players can enjoy the benefit of getting team of players on a weekly loan basis.

Samsung Galaxy S8: A journey of hopes and speculations

Samsung was very recently beaten by Apple in terms of total market share. However, Samsung still remains the largest Android brand irrespective of the several hurdles the brand has had to overcome. The best thing about being a Samsung patron is the allowance for surprises which Samsung brings for each of its users. And this time, it is a given than Samsung will think beyond edgeless displays and 4G network connectivity to woo more people towards pledging their legion to Samsung.


A fully functional rear notification system

Taking a leaf out of almost all running Apple mobile phones, Samsung has finally decided to introduce rear-end notification to their mobile phone models. This includes a flash and smart glow which are both useful during photography and during “DND” or “meeting” modes where the intermittent flashes notify users of messages or incoming calls. The light of the notification system can be modified to notify different kinds of missed notifications including calls, messages and emails.

A newer display

The most detailed and believable of all rumors is also the most exciting one. Galaxy S8 could be getting a 4K display. This means nothing less than an 830 ppi pixel density. Such a high resolution is quite easily comparable to the Sony Xperia Premium series. But this is not all folks! Such a high quality display automatically paves way for fancies and hopes; Samsung is already prepared to be in the VR league. With Sony and HTC already declaring their trump cards, it is now Samsung’s turn to call. With the rumors of 5.5 inch 4K AMOLED display, the intuitions are getting stronger by the day about a new VR platform which can be coupled with the upcoming Galaxy S8. Samsung planing to use same display in Galaxy Note 7 also.

Better source of power

With the high definition 5.5 inch AMOLED display, this phone will drain power like a Dementor. The only way to cope with this and at the same time keep the user experience intact is to introduce a higher capacity battery with super fast charging. Users are expecting a 4000 mAh battery with wireless charger (as is the norm for all en vogue models) and fast charging options. This will provide around 36 hours of stand-by time and a smooth sailing day with one time charging for all Galaxy S8 users.

Let’s explore the core

The source of all the power and speed will rumoredly be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 3.2 GHz octa-core processor. The RAM will be no less than 6 GB which will be just enough to support the massive 64 GB or 128 GB internal memory. Both the single SIM and dual SIM variants will have memory expansion options. The upcoming S8 will support microSD cards of up to 128 GB size. Another very interesting rumor doing its rounds is the ability of S8 to offer the use of the second micro SIM slot as a microSD card slot. This means, for dual SIM models one gets to option to use two memory cards simultaneously to expand the core memory of their phone.

All in all, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be dictating the Android market in 2017 once it launches in the second quarter. The prices will be in the neighborhood of $900 USD in all the markets.

Best Pokémon Emulator

In the 21st century, we have uncountable number of operating software programs that run on a huge variety of devices with varying configurations. Take for example an Android device with a Marshmallow version of OS and 2 GHz processor. The emulator which is best for this device will certainly not be ideal for an iOS which was introduced maybe in 2014. So we have compiled a list of the few best emulators for Pokémon which have evolved with technology to preserve the original game feel


  1. ClassicBoy Emulator

This is possibly one of the most pocket friendly emulators which has a few unique fun functions that make playing Pokémon quite a treat. It emulates quite a few well known systems in just one application. A few of the best known emulated systems are PS1, GameBoy Advance, Sega Genesis, NES and SNES. This is the ideal emulator for you if you budget are tight, phone storage is small and your ideas are big. A one in all solution that will make your holidays fun with your favorite Pokémon characters.

  1. TGB Dual

TGB Dual make sit to this list for its salient features and the most convenient add-ons which allows players to enjoy Pokémon on multiple PC configurations. In fact, it supports link cable through TCP/IP and all the latest Zelda games besides Pokémon for iphone. TGB Dual is now available in English. This is possibly the best emulator for all Windows users and it runs perfectly even on Windows 7, 64-bit versions. This is quite light-weight for your PC and will not interfere with other running programs.

  • VBA Link

VBA Link is a modified version of GBA Emulator. It supports GBA/SP multiplayer links and supports up to 4 players with GBA ROMs. This is a tailor-made emulator for all Windows users who wish to enjoy extended LAN support for their new versions of Visual Boy Advance emulators. Players can download the VBA Link emulator from their authorized website (download link); installation does not require any added software programs that slow your system down.

  1. MyBoy

This is another new GBA Emulator which supports high level BIOS emulation. In addition to that you can enjoy Bluetooth controller support, customizable controls and “save” options for all states of gameplay. It also includes a fast forward control to allow you to fast forward through the slow parts of the game. This is one of the few Pokémon emulators which are easy on the pockets and have multiple options to make the gameplay memorable.  accounting to latest rumors, this emulator will support in iPhone 8.