Best Pokémon Emulator

by iUSwaLive on / Tech News

In the 21st century, we have uncountable number of operating software programs that run on a huge variety of devices with varying configurations. Take for example an Android device with a Marshmallow version of OS and 2 GHz processor. The emulator which is best for this device will certainly not be ideal for an iOS which was introduced maybe in 2014. So we have compiled a list of the few best emulators for Pokémon which have evolved with technology to preserve the original game feel


  1. ClassicBoy Emulator

This is possibly one of the most pocket friendly emulators which has a few unique fun functions that make playing Pokémon quite a treat. It emulates quite a few well known systems in just one application. A few of the best known emulated systems are PS1, GameBoy Advance, Sega Genesis, NES and SNES. This is the ideal emulator for you if you budget are tight, phone storage is small and your ideas are big. A one in all solution that will make your holidays fun with your favorite Pokémon characters.

  1. TGB Dual

TGB Dual make sit to this list for its salient features and the most convenient add-ons which allows players to enjoy Pokémon on multiple PC configurations. In fact, it supports link cable through TCP/IP and all the latest Zelda games besides Pokémon for iphone. TGB Dual is now available in English. This is possibly the best emulator for all Windows users and it runs perfectly even on Windows 7, 64-bit versions. This is quite light-weight for your PC and will not interfere with other running programs.

  • VBA Link

VBA Link is a modified version of GBA Emulator. It supports GBA/SP multiplayer links and supports up to 4 players with GBA ROMs. This is a tailor-made emulator for all Windows users who wish to enjoy extended LAN support for their new versions of Visual Boy Advance emulators. Players can download the VBA Link emulator from their authorized website (download link); installation does not require any added software programs that slow your system down.

  1. MyBoy

This is another new GBA Emulator which supports high level BIOS emulation. In addition to that you can enjoy Bluetooth controller support, customizable controls and “save” options for all states of gameplay. It also includes a fast forward control to allow you to fast forward through the slow parts of the game. This is one of the few Pokémon emulators which are easy on the pockets and have multiple options to make the gameplay memorable.  accounting to latest rumors, this emulator will support in iPhone 8.