FIFA 2017: a story, real players and much more for the next year

by iUSwaLive on / Tech News

There’s mostly good news for all the ones waiting for EA to launch FIFA 2017. Well, this is quite the rarity as EA Sports has been entwined in controversy regarding unfinished games and rendering. However, coming back to FIFA 17 we must say that EA is doing quite enough to fulfill a fan’s dreams and fantasy.


For the first time in the history of FIFA we are getting a background storyline to the main character. Alex Hunter is a star on the rise that has to overcome several challenges in his personal life and professional life to enter the premier league series. His only dream is the make a mark in the world of international football and make a name for himself. In this journey he has to take several difficult decisions which will affect his career as well as personal life. GTA 6 release will be in 2020.

As we are taken through the turns of Hunter’s life and football journey in the video titled The Journey, we realize the marvelous rendering done by the brainiacs at EA Sports this time. To add a taste of a seamless gameplay FIFA 2017 will use Frostbite. Frostbite is the same engine that has powered Mirror’s edge, Need for Speed and Dragon Age in the past years. The video is a clear testimony of the next to real rendering and preserved authenticity of the characters, features and added elements of the game. From locker rooms to stadium everything will be interactive.

You will be able to control the players with astute expertise. Frostbite is all set to unlock a new world of possibilities for FIFA and the players. From perfect implementation of relevant emotions to execution of real-life inspired shots, Frostbite can immerse you in the reality of premier league football. All characters, their speeches and traits will be based on real players.

Now everyone with a PS 4 and an Xbox 360 can enjoy playing the upcoming flagship game from EA Sports. However these are quite the minimum requirements and if you still choose PC over other consoles you may have to wait an added month before immersing in the FIFA experience. PC players will need a minimum of Windows 7, 64-bit platform to play the game without glitches. Both Intel and AMD CPUs will support the game as long as there is a minimum of 16 GB space left in the hard disk drive.

FIFA has been already spreading the word about James Rodriguez of Real Madrid, Anthony Martial of Man U and Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund helping with the character building process. They have reportedly influenced the innovation of the actions on the pitch.

It has been said that Canada and USA will enjoy the release on 27 September 2016 and rest of the world will see the release of FIFA 2017 on 29 September 2016. All the EA Access and Origin Access members will get an early taste of the game through their official EA accounts. The game will be released with various value packs as the premium gold packs and the standard packs by which players can enjoy the benefit of getting team of players on a weekly loan basis. we will buy a best budget gaming keyboard for you PC to play Fifa 17 smooth.