Kik Vs Tango Vs Viber – Head to Head Comparison

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Instant messaging had changed the face of text messaging with regular messaging services provided by carriers. They had introduced many new features which include not only text but photos, audio, video and much more to do in a messaging app. All the features provided are unlimited with no limitations and that too for free of cost. There are tons of instant messaging apps developed, and many are having unique features from one another. Kik, Tango, and Viber are three such services which we are going to compare today.

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In almost all the instant messaging apps the standard features are texting, photo, video sharing other than this many apps have unique features from one another. Kik had a unique feature that is anonymity users will not be provided with your mobile or email address all they need is your username to send a message. Tango and Viber had Voice over IP (VoIP) service with which users can talk over the internetwithin the app. With Tango, users can call directly to other like standard dialing service and is free for US users.


All the apps are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Viber supports more operating systems like Blackberry, Nokia, Mac OS and Windows making it one of the most flexible messaging app. Tango also supports with PC’s. Overall Kik is more restricted to mobile operating systems only.


Kik is having a simple to use interface without much fuss and simple features. Tango and Viber have some creative and attractive user interfaces. With Tango, users can set their avatars with face masks, stickers, art items and many innovative features like playing games during video calls. In Viber users can set background images send stickers, play games, chat in public conversations and much more to do in the app making the interface more attractive.


Kik is a completely free to use themessaging app with no in-app purchases and do whatever they like to do with no limitations. Tango does not charge to use its basic services like texting, sharing and voice call in the app, but it will charge users to call directly to a mobile number outside the US and sells stickers and packs for its users. Viber too is similar to Tango where it only charges users to buy sticker packs and much more. All the apps have in-app purchase, but they are free to use their standard services without any limitations.


Viber is havingan end to end encryption to all of its text, voice and video service making it one of the best secure among the three apps. Both Tango and Kik does not have an end to end encryption which is becoming common in most of the apps; this makes the apps less secure to current standards.

Here is the comparison of Kik, Tango, and Viber three instant messaging app. What is your favorite messaging app and what do you like about it? Comment using our comment section below.