How Do You Set Up a Facetime Account?

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FaceTime is a service that is designed by Apple which allows you to receive and place video calls with other FaceTime users. You can make use of it to keep in touch with family members throughout the world. You can set up FaceTime for PC quickly on recent versions of iPhone or iPad and also set it up on your Mac.

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That way you can communicate easily with your friends and loved ones easily. In this article we will discuss on how do you set up a Facetime account.

We have provided two methods which can help you set up a Facetime account with hassle.

iPad/iPhone Setup

You should open settings and tap the settings icon on your smart phone’s home screen to be able to launch the settings app. Once you have done that, you should tap FaceTime. Perhaps, you will have to scroll down the settings list to find it. Then you should tap the use your Apple ID for FaceTime button.

You can also set the use cellular data option to on when you want to make use of the free FaceTime calls outside a Wi-Fi network. You should enter your Apple ID and password. When you do not have one, then you will need to tap the create new Apple ID option to be able to get one for free.

Now you need to tap sign in. Select the emails you need to link with FaceTime. When you want to set up an iPhone or already set up your iPhone with FaceTime then your phone number will be displayed on the screen. The email address linked to your Apple ID will be highlighted and then you need to select or deselect the available addresses.

Then you should tap next to continue and make use of additional email addresses. Those of you have one Apple ID can also access FaceTime on their devices. They can do that by tapping the add an email link and add the email address. This email address is linked to your Apple ID. It is useful for those of you who share one Apple ID but want to access FaceTime on several devices.

Mac Setup

Setting up Facetime on your Mac is a simple affair. You should click on the apple which is present on the top left of the screen. When you own the 10.7, then you will want to know that FaceTime has been already installed. If FaceTime is not installed, then you will want to open the App store.

As of now, FaceTime costs $0.99. Then open it and enter the Apple ID and password.

Hope you found this article on how do you set up a Facetime account useful.

It is an extremely useful social media tool that can allow you to communicate with your loved and close ones who are all over the world for a very cheap rate.