Things to know about LG G6

by iUSwaLive on / Tech News

LG has been consistent with the production of smart phones that makes it one of the most preferred brands available in the market. Along with the release date of the smart phone we want to have a look through the features that the latest LG G6 is going to have in order to understand why this smart phone is worthy of the amount which is charged for it. Speaking of the features the fact that we would be having other smart phones that would be releasing on the very same year, it is very obvious that competition would be a part of the release. We hear that LG would be having all glass body along with the change of the modules which we had seen in LG G5. Let us have a look at those features which are mentioned in the article.


Rumors are a very important part of a smart phone that is going to hit the market soon, with the fact that there are many news pouring in, the most noticeable ones deserve a mention. With Samsung and Apple who are getting rid of the headphone jack LG G6 is still keeping this feature.  We even hear that LG might not be having an all-glass design; instead it will feature a highly reflective metal cover on the back.  In terms of the modules feature will be back for the upcoming LG smart phone, and there will be the adoption of integrated batteries in the devices. Reports state that LG will go for a new hardware design for the forthcoming LG G6.The smart phone is likely to have a blend of metal and glass materials, more or less similar to what Samsung is flourishing at the moment. The build of LG G6 will be more graceful with the all glass body design. Apart from that the features would be worthy of the amount that is going to be charged for it.

In terms of the release date we hear that LG G6 should also be released February just like the Galaxy S8. The competition between the two will be an interesting one for all those devoted Android lovers. Along with Samsung LG would be seen competing with Apple as well and would be releasing the same year itself. Well now all we can do is to wait till the release of the smart phone till we can come up with the solid verdict about which one is better. also check our detail post about LG G6 case.