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How to delete GarageBand from Mac?

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GarageBand is a popular music software due to its powerful music creation and editing tools. It is used by most of the musicians for their music productions and is preferred for starters in themusic industry. It had plenty of virtual instruments and their variations stored in the app that works as if they are in real world. GarageBand for PC comes with many effects, loops, and amp to use in the music creations. Users can add multiple tracks up to 255 simultaneously and play them together.

garageband uninstall

Even though GarageBand is used by musicians, many like to use more advanced Digital Music Workstations like Logic Pro X, FL Studio, and other software because of their cutting-edge features and technologies. Many people may not need it anymore, or it came as a default software and need to delete it from their Mac. Even though GarageBand only takes like 3 GB space but the loops that support the application may be large and sometimes they may occupy more than 10 GB which is much Space in a Personal Computer.

How to Delete GarageBand from Mac?

Method 1: Manually

Removing GarageBand from Mac is not such an easy task as Operating System does not provide any direct way to uninstall it. So we need to do it manually from the Mac

Follow the Steps to delete GarageBand mostly from your Mac.

Step 1: Firstly, go to this location in your Mac Macintosh HD/Applications/ this is where you GarageBand application is present which occupies storage of more than 1 GB. Delete the app from the Mac.

Step 2: Now go to another location in your Mac Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/GarageBand here the support files for the GarageBand are present, delete the folder “GarageBand”.

Step 3: Then go to this location in your Mac Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Logic here are some more support files are present which are almost a GB in size, Delete the folder “Logic”.

Step 4: This the last folder you need to remove Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Apple Loops this app may vary the size, delete the folder “Apple Loops.”

*NOTE: If you are using Logic Pro X do not delete this folder.

If you have done all the steps above, then you have successfully deleted GarageBand from your Mac.

Method 2: Third-party App

You can use third-party apps also to remove the GarageBand application from your Mac. To uninstall using third-party apps follow these steps.

Step 1: Download App Cleanerapplication from this website, Click Here.

Step 2: Install the app on your Mac.

Step 3: Open the app and drag GarageBand and drop on the App Cleaner.

Step 4: Select all the files and folders it shows and click “Delete.”

Step 5: Restart your system and checkwhether GarageBand is removed or not.

These are the two possible options by which you can delete GarageBand software from your Mac.

Are the processes useful for you to delete GarageBand from your Mac? If not leave your query in the comment section, we will try to find a solution.

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How Do You Set Up a Facetime Account?

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FaceTime is a service that is designed by Apple which allows you to receive and place video calls with other FaceTime users. You can make use of it to keep in touch with family members throughout the world. You can set up FaceTime for PC quickly on recent versions of iPhone or iPad and also set it up on your Mac.

facetime account

That way you can communicate easily with your friends and loved ones easily. In this article we will discuss on how do you set up a Facetime account.

We have provided two methods which can help you set up a Facetime account with hassle.

iPad/iPhone Setup

You should open settings and tap the settings icon on your smart phone’s home screen to be able to launch the settings app. Once you have done that, you should tap FaceTime. Perhaps, you will have to scroll down the settings list to find it. Then you should tap the use your Apple ID for FaceTime button.

You can also set the use cellular data option to on when you want to make use of the free FaceTime calls outside a Wi-Fi network. You should enter your Apple ID and password. When you do not have one, then you will need to tap the create new Apple ID option to be able to get one for free.

Now you need to tap sign in. Select the emails you need to link with FaceTime. When you want to set up an iPhone or already set up your iPhone with FaceTime then your phone number will be displayed on the screen. The email address linked to your Apple ID will be highlighted and then you need to select or deselect the available addresses.

Then you should tap next to continue and make use of additional email addresses. Those of you have one Apple ID can also access FaceTime on their devices. They can do that by tapping the add an email link and add the email address. This email address is linked to your Apple ID. It is useful for those of you who share one Apple ID but want to access FaceTime on several devices.

Mac Setup

Setting up Facetime on your Mac is a simple affair. You should click on the apple which is present on the top left of the screen. When you own the 10.7, then you will want to know that FaceTime has been already installed. If FaceTime is not installed, then you will want to open the App store.

As of now, FaceTime costs $0.99. Then open it and enter the Apple ID and password.

Hope you found this article on how do you set up a Facetime account useful.

It is an extremely useful social media tool that can allow you to communicate with your loved and close ones who are all over the world for a very cheap rate.

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How Use Dating App Tinder Without Facebook

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Here we are going to provide you the easiest guide on how to use Tinder without Facebook. We all know this that Tinder is a famous dating app and if a user wants to be registered, he or she should have Facebook account to do so. But often we don’t want to mix all these up- dating with our social identity. So it’s better to keep it private.

Tinder without Facebook

But the prime factor is can you do it without getting through your Facebook account? Unfortunately, this is not possible when it comes to Tinder download and install as you in order to run this application, you should login or register with your Facebook account.

If the thinking of your Facebook’s good friends regarding online dating does not affect you after that, it is not a huge deal for you. Then go with it, it’s cool. Yet, if you are concerned with the thinking about your Facebook pals after that, you would surely like to know How to use tinder without Facebook. When you login into your tinder account using your original Facebook profile, it affects your privacy as it accesses all your photos, calls and also other details also.

Get a New Facebook Account With limited Friends

As we have pointed out above, the Tinder application needs Facebook for working. If you do not wish to create a fuss with your actual and original account after that, we would recommend you to register a new account. We are not telling you to create a fake ID yet a brand new Facebook account having only several of your information and off course without those friends, I think you got this, right?

As soon as, you create a new Facebook account after that, the “about you” part could possibly be filled by the information which you intend to provide and also are not shy in providing the other person. It could be your actual address, your school, college etc. Your surname would certainly be kept private so, you need not to stress for that. A few of your images could be displayed to make sure that tinder could possibly choose one for you by matching those.

Now, you would have to login with your new Facebook account which you have made. Now, the Tinder application will certainly get linked with your new account and you can restrict the info given by you.

Change the Privacy Settings

There is another option of detaching Tinder app from your Facebook account is by creating new personal privacy settings. For that login to your Facebook account initially and then press the lock icon appearing at the top right.

After pressing the lock symbol, a box having numerous options will open up. Then, press the “more settings” at the end of the list. Then, touch on “APPS”. You’ll see a variety of connected apps. Now, go on the Tinder app and then change the App visibility to “just me”. By doing so, Tinder application would not be able to post in your place. Your buddies can likewise not see that you are using this dating app. Enjoy Tinder privately.

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