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5 Great Alternative apps to FaceTime

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FaceTime is an amazing application when it comes to video as well as audio calling. However, the major limitation that it has is the fact that it is compatible to only Apple devices (although you can run Facetime for PC, but you need some tricks to do that) and therefore, we need to have alternatives for the application which work on other platforms and serve cross platform needs as well.


To help you out, here we present to you a list of alternatives to FaceTime!

  1. Google Hangout: Google Hangout is pretty much the Android version of FaceTime. Initially, Hangout came as a replacement to the Gtalk for Gmail, and now, however, it has turned into the go to place for video calls for many people. It works on desktops, Android phones and MAC as well. We wouldn’t ask for more, isn’t it? Being the replacement to Gtalk, it also serves the purpose of texting and emojis and stickers as well.
  2. Skype: When we talk about Video chat, skypeis probably the Skype, and we all know it for there is no arguing on that. Skype is actually now a word for Video call in itself for the very reason that it all started from here only. Since skype is free when on Wi-Fi and also often has reduced call rates is yet another of the advantage for those making international calls as well. The easy and simple user interface supports the look and feel of the app.
  3. Viber: Viber came out as the text messaging and free calling app. It was only later that given the amount of competition in the market did the makers decided to introduce video calling and now that they did, it did turn out to be an amazing app for sure.
  4. Tango: Tango can be rather called the ideal FaceTime alternative for the fact that it has all the features that you’d need and in addition, it also has this idea of having to create a social network in itself which allows people to have a news feed, a public profile and of course, everything else that one might want to see.
  5. Duo: A relatively new app that it is, Duo is meant simply for video calling someone and it works with having to search up for the contact or number as you please and it’ll show you their names. With a single tap, you can give a call to the person. One interesting feature that it has is the fact that you get to see their face even without picking up the call, which is sorta cute.

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And there we go with our list of alternatives for FaceTime! We are sure this turned out to be as much of a savior for you as it did for us when we compiled the list!

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